As a Firm, we appreciate that we are often consulted by our clients when they are at their most vulnerable and tenuous junctures of corporate life. Therefore we understand that they require practical and rational legal support. Hoch Law boasts extensive experience in advising and representing both employers and employees, therefore we are well versed to perceive matters from both parties within the employment relationship.

Dealing with employment disputes can be tedious and exorbitant. It appears almost impossible for employers to keep up to date with current and ever-changing employment legislations which seem to be increasing by the day. Identifying and understanding your rights, and corresponding obligations as an employer is imperative. Hence having meticulously planned and drafted documentation, taking into account by-laws and in-house policies can be of aid to you, and save a great deal of time, money and resources. Hoch Law has established and implemented the ‘Two Steps Ahead’ scheme, with this in mind our Employment Lawyers, when offering business-focused advice, will not merely centre their advice on current affairs but also take into consideration your future wellbeing and prosperity. This will, in turn, provide the luxury of having contingency plans to safeguard your company/organisation and its reputation from any possible setbacks that could occur in hindsight.
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