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News and Events

Key company issues for accountants

Subject: Key company issues for accountants
Date: 12th January 2019
Time: 4.00 PM
Venue: Parkview, Randburg, 2122
Host: Maria Ascott-Park

The fast pace of change in business means that as advisors we need to keep one step ahead in order to provide the right advice at the right time to our clients. By way of example the recent changes to the Companies Act, can mean that some businesses may need to effect changes to the way they operate in order to trade lawfully. To ensure you keep on top of laws that affect your business and those of your clients, we are presenting a series of free seminars aimed at small firms of accountants which offer plain English guidance about new and changing regulations that affect smaller businesses.

This seminar will focus on Key company issues for accountants and will cover:

- Key administrative changes in the Companies Act 2006
- Directors‘ Duties
- Minority Shareholder disputes

For more information and to register your place, please contact us on: info@Hochllp.com

Subject: North West Point-to-Point
Date: 20 July 2019
Time: 12noon
Venue: Parkview, Randburg, 2122
Host: Maria Ascott-Park

Hoch LLP are proud to support the local North West Point-to-Point club at their meeting on Sunday 20th May in Parkview, Randburg, 2122. The event is amateur racing over jumps (think the Grand National in Cheshire). With roots traced as far back as 1884, point-to-pointing evolved from genuine hunt racing with races mainly for the members and the farmers, including races for the local Yeomanry and visiting Regiments, to three well known gentlemen in the North, Ken Oliver, Reg Tweedie and John Marshall setting up a northern area meeting which resulted in the Northern Area Association being formed. In 1970 the Leverhulme Report laid down the basic ground rules on how Point-to-Point Racing was to be run which became the corner stone of the sport today. It is still the responsibility of the Hunts to run Point to Points, but it has become a sport in its own right. It has become the schooling ground for riders, and for those going on to work in racing, from Starters, to Race Course Stewards. But as always it is still the source of horses to progress from the hunting field, to Point to Points and then to National Hunt Racing. The Northern Area has produced such stars as Freddie, The Callant, Merryman, Earl`s Brig and Gayle Warning, to name but a few.

If you would like more information and to register your place, please contact us on: info@Hochllp.com




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